The lowest temperature in the Universe

Did you know that the lowest temperature in the Universe is -273,15 degrees Celsius (-459,67 Fahrenheit)?

This is absolute zero en is defined is 0 Kelvin. This temperature does not occur in nature on Earth. It can be only be approached in an artificial environment.… Read more...

Telescope invented in The Netherlands

Did you know that the telescope was invented by Dutchman Christiaan Huygens?

In 1662 he and his brother made a 4 meter telescope.… Read more...

Earths sky may have a 2nd Sun in the near future

Did you know that the star Betelgeuze will once be a second Sun in the sky?

The star Betelgeuze is about to explode andĀ become a Supernova. Betelgeuze is at a distance of 600 light-years and isĀ one of the brightest stars in the sky. The moment Betelgeuze is going to explode Is not exactly predictable. It can happen within 5 years, but it can also last another 10.000… Read more...