Coffee was banned in Turkey in the 16th century

Did you know that in there was a coffee ban in Turkey in the 16th century?

Sultan Murat wanted to protect the peoples against the (according to doctors) harmful effects. The true reason was probably the discontent of clergy about the decreasing number of mosque visists and the increasing number of coffeehouse visits.

Mainly intellectuals visited the coffeehouses…

Letter sequence in a word does not matter

Did you know that for a lot of words the sequence of the letters does not matter for reading the word as long as the first – and the last letter are in the right position?

If we change the words in this sentence following this rule, we get the next sentence. Did you konw taht for a lot of wdros the sueeqcne of the lteerts deos not mtaetr for rdaneig the wrod as lnog … Read more...

March named after god Mars

Did you know that the month March was named after the Roman god of war Mars?

March was once the first month of the year and was considered to be a good moment to start a war.

The months Januari, May and June are also named after gods. These gods are: Januari after Janus (god of beginners and transitions), May after Maia (goddess of growth) and … Read more...

Biggest digital picture

Did you know that the largest digital picture ever made is 70 gigapixel (70.000 megapixel)? The foto is 200Gb. It’s a panorama picture of Budapest made by a group of computer experts. It took 4 days to make de picture.… Read more...

If barby was a real person she would have had strange sizes

Did you know that if Barby was a real person, she would have had strange sizes?

She would be very tall. Her length would be 2,15 meters (a little over 7 feet). Her sizes (bust-waist-hips) would be 39-23-33 cm (15.4-9-13 inches) and her neck would be twice as long as the average neck. Moreover Barbies full name is: Barbra Millicent Roberts.… Read more...