No plants or animals in Dead Sea

Did you know that there is no animal or vegatable life in the Dead Sea?

The high salinity of the Dead Sea prevents plants and animals from living there. De Dead Sea contains almost 10 times as much salt as the average sea on Earth. The high salinity of the Dead Sea is caused by the location of the Dead Sea, just on de fault between the African tectonic plate and the Arabina tectonic plate. During the centuries minerals (including salt) were transported to the Dead Sea via this fault.

However this is not the only reason why the saltinity is so high. The Jordan River, which is the only main source river flowing into the Dead Sea, also his a very small percentage of saltinity. The Dead Sea has no connection with other seas, so the salt stays in the sea and the water vaporizes. This also causes the rising saltinity.

The Dead Sea level is 700 meters below the average sea level which makes it the lowest lake on Earth.