Horseshoe Crab has blue blood


Did you know a Horseshoe Crab has blue blood?

A Horseshoe Crab is an athropod (athropods have an external skeleton instead of internal like humans) en belongs to the so called Xiphosura. The name Horseshoe Crab suggests that it’s related to crabs. This is not the case. Horseshoe crabs are closer related to spiders than to crabs. The Horseshoe crab lives in the North-Western Atlantic Ocean and in South-East Asia. They mainly live in coastal area’s

The blood of a Horseshoe Crab contains no Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin makes the blood turn res. No Hemoglobin causes the blood to be blue and not red.

Moreover the Horseshoe Crab is the longest existing animal on Earth. More than 400 million years ago the Horseshoe Crab already existed. It survived al major disasters during these millions of years. It managed to do so by living in stable ereas where there was just little change during these millions of years.

The image with this article is made bij Angel Schatz (cc via flickr)