The Heart of a Blue Whale is as big as a small car

Did you know that the Heart of a Blue Whale is as big as a small car?

The hart of a Blue Whale weighs between 400 kg (880 lb) and 600 kg (1320 lb), and the aorta can reach a diameter of almost 25 cm.

The Blue Whale has more impressive dimensions and figures. His eyes have a diameter of about 15 cm (6 inches). His tail fluke can reach a width of 8 meters (26 ft).

Furthermore a Blauwe Whake is a fast swimmer. Speeds up to 50 km/u (31 mi/h) have been registrated. Making noise is also no problem. Claims of Noise up to 170 to 190 decibel have been made, This noise is so loud that it can reach congeners at hundreds of km distance. 170 to 190 decibel can damage you hearing if you are to close. A jet engine for example can reach 150 decibel when starting up.

A Blue Whale can hold 100.000 kilo’s of food and water in his mouth. The plankton he eats, is very small, but the Blue Whale eats about 4.000 kilo plankton each day.