Earths sky may have a 2nd Sun in the near future

Did you know that the star Betelgeuze will once be a second Sun in the sky?

The star Betelgeuze is about to explode andĀ become a Supernova. Betelgeuze is at a distance of 600 light-years and isĀ one of the brightest stars in the sky. The moment Betelgeuze is going to explode Is not exactly predictable. It can happen within 5 years, but it can also last another 10.000 years.

Moreover Betelgeuzes light travels about 600 years to reach Earth. It may well be that Betelgeuze already exploded, but that the light from the Supernova did not reach us yet. When Betelgeuze becomes a Supernova, this will be a unique and spectacular event. Betelgeuze may produce more light than the full moon. This may cause a few weeks of daylight 24 hours a day. This is only the case when Betelgeuze explodes during wintertime. If it happens during the summer, there will be 2 Suns in the sky.

The whole event won’t do any damage and the temperature won’t rise either. For that Betelgeuze is much to far away from Earth