Every day is longer than the previous day

Did you know that every day is longer than the previous day?
Today is about 2 milliseconds longer than yesterday. This is caused by the slowing Earth rotation. Earths rotation slows down by 2 milliseconds every day. The slowing rotation is not noticeable, because it’s only a very small difference. Only after 500 years Earths rotation slowed down by a second.… Read more...

Tides (high tide and low tide) are caused by the Moon

Did you know that the tides (high tide and low Tide) are caused by the gravitational interaction between Earth and the Moon?

The gravitational pull of the Moon in combination with the gravitational pull of the Earth causes the water level in seas and Oceans to rise with high Tide. This happens at the side of the Earth facing the Moon and at the oposite side. At both… Read more...

Hot water freezes faster than cold water

Did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold water?

There are different theories about this fenomenon.
The most common theory is: The proces of freezing starts with tiny air bubbles. In cold water (cold water contains more of these bubbles than hot water) an ice layer is formed at the surface and the edges of the water. This layer has an insulating effect… Read more...

Permafrost is a permanent frozen layer

Did you know that permafrost (permanent frost) is a layer that never thaws out completely? This layer is found in high mountains and near polar area’s. The permafrost layer can be dozens of meters to hundreds of meters thick.

Some permafrost layers are already frozen for millions of years. Because of the fact that these layers did not contact with air for… Read more...

No plants or animals in Dead Sea

Did you know that there is no animal or vegatable life in the Dead Sea?

The high salinity of the Dead Sea prevents plants and animals from living there. De Dead Sea contains almost 10 times as much salt as the average sea on Earth. The high salinity of the Dead Sea is caused by the location of the Dead Sea, just on de fault between the African tectonic plate and… Read more...

The ozone layer is about 3 mm thick

Did you know that if the ozone layer were only pure ozone, it would be about 3 mm thick?

If the ozone layer would only consist of pure ozon, than it would indeed have a average thickness of 3 mm. In fact the ozone layer contains also other gasses, which makes the actual thickness more than 3 mm.

The ozone layer is situated on an altitude between 15 km (9.5 miles) and 35 … Read more...

Largest diamond on Earth

Did you know that the largest cut diamond on Earth 546 Carats is?

This diamond is the Golden Jubilee Diamond. It was discoveredin 1985 in de Premier mine in South Africa.

There is a diamond in the Universe that is as big as the moon. This is a star that died.… Read more...

Deepest cave on earth

Did you know that the deepest cave on earth, the Voronja-cave in Georgia (europe/Asia) is?

This cave is 2140 meters deep and is located in the Arabika Massif. The deepest part of this cave was measured in 2005. The cave itself was discovered in the 1980’s.… Read more...