The Heart of a Blue Whale is as big as a small car

Did you know that the Heart of a Blue Whale is as big as a small car?

The hart of a Blue Whale weighs between 400 kg (880 lb) and 600 kg (1320 lb), and the aorta can reach a diameter of almost 25 cm.

The Blue Whale has more impressive dimensions and figures. His eyes have a diameter of about 15 cm (6 inches). His tail fluke can reach … Read more...

Blauwe Vinvis

Blue Whale largest animal ever

Did you know that the Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth?

The Blue Whale can reach a length up to 35 meters (115 feet) (male: 25 meters/82 feet) and can weigh up to 175,000 kg. The Blue Whale lives in oceans all over the world. It has even been spotted in the North Sea, but due to the shallowness of the North Sea,… Read more...


Horseshoe Crab has blue blood

Did you know a Horseshoe Crab has blue blood?

A Horseshoe Crab is an athropod (athropods have an external skeleton instead of internal like humans) en belongs to the so called Xiphosura. The name Horseshoe Crab suggests that it’s related to crabs. This is not the case. Horseshoe crabs are closer related to spiders than to … Read more...